Is Google+ A Ghost Town For You?

Is Google+ A Ghost Town For You?

It’s been all over much of the media that Google+ is a ghost town, despite hundreds of millions of users.  Is this true for you also? If you think Google+ is a ghost town, you’re right. It probably is – for you – but it doesn’t need to be. If one tries to use Google+ […]

Beware the Toll of Building Your Web Home on Facebook

Own Your Website Real Estate

Beware of the tolls that may hurt you if you’ve built your web home on another’s property – like Facebook. Facebook – who is not in business to support the growth of YOUR business – is not a good piece of real estate on which to build your home. Nor, for that matter, is any […]

5 Basic Steps for Success in Using Twitter for Engagement

Follow Me on Twitter

Success in leveraging Twitter for requires you learn what social media is – but first get your settings right and don’t start twittering about yourself…

Using Twitter to Engage With Your Market

Leveraging Social Media to Drive Business

Twitter can be a very useful tool to leverage in numerous ways. From sharing content, news, to building your brand, you can use twitter to foster engagement within your industry, your market, your community. And Twitter is one of the most incredible data mines available. So many of the smaller businesses with whom I’ve spoken […]

Using Social Event Sites for In-Person Networking

Business Events and Social Web

While the Millennials are known to be completely comfortable with virtual relationships and living out on the web, many of us are finding social network tools to be highly effective at extending our reach from the web to in-person business professional networking and relationship building. What I find of interest is how the different social […]

Easy Steps for Small Businesses to Leverage the Internet

Easy Steps for Small Business to Leverage Web

If you’re a small business, starting up, or adding some social media presence – there are lots of free options to leverage the internet and technologies. The offerings available now are mind-boggling; there are so many free or almost-free technologies you can leverage for your business, your branding, your marketing, and your customer engagement. It’s […]