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From building a new custom solutions group for a software vendor, to international management consulting to running technology start-ups and multi-million dollar business-technology initiatives, I’ve found the same concepts apply: It’s all about the people and processes, driving results while managing costs, and keeping your eye focused on your core business.

It’s About Improving Business-IT Practices & Better Leverage of Technology


  • Heal Major Client Relationship for $2 Million Win

    • While building and launching new custom solutions group for a 200-employee ISV, developed new custom SDLC and artifacts –  key to mending relationship with that ISV’s largest client, resulting in an immediate $2M contract renewal with that client,which had been at risk – and contested by client – for months prior to my efforts.
      • The custom SDLC and the Solution Blueprint are still in use within that ISV today.
Recommendation for New SDLC Process & $2Million Win for Jessica
  • Creative Solutions for Call Centers – 2500% ROI

    • Conceptualized and drove change for Medicare beneficiary call centers to deploy n-virtual agents via IVR applications that leveraged same server code base as live agents, resulting in an immediate ROI of over 2500%.
      • Previously, each call center’s IVR could access at most two claims processing CICS regions, severely constraining the ability for the IVR applications to take adequate load off call centers staffing during high-volume call periods.
  • Creative Strategy to Turnaround Oil & Gas Tech Service Provider

    • Investigated and devised strategy for oil-and-gas vertical tech service provider to turnaround mission critical system, while driving tactical changes which improved service levels over 55%, resulting in improving the firm’s profitability.

  • Creative Solution Coupled with Business Process Re-engineering – Medicare

    • Conceptualized, sold multi-million dollar project, drove architecture, design, development and project management for custom CRM call center system, while re-engineering all business processes, resulting in more than $10K/savings per year per call center rep.
      • New solution lowered training time from ONE YEAR to 8 WEEKS.
      • New, n-tier, distributed application system talked real time with more claims processing systems than any other before or since, giving beneficiaries anywhere in country ability to get their claims status, regardless of Medicare claims processing contractor.  Revolutionary.
Business Process Re-engineering & IT Project Management Recommendation for Jessica
  • Leadership & Business Development

    • Spun off self-funded, start-up IT professional services and software development firm to 8 figures in annual revenues and 20% EBITA in under 4 years – with limited capitalization, developing and hosting solutions in early cloud architectures – SaaS.
  • Go-Forward IT Strategic Plan for $2Bn International Manufacturer

    • Identified more than 30% in annual IT overhead cost savings for $2Bn multinational manufacturer of highly-engineered products – and saved an immediate $100K by modifying tactical changes in processes and one vendor (Oracle EBS) contract.
  • Salvage Internet Startup’s Product Development & Launch

    • Salvaged internet startup’s product development effort by personally coming in, overhauling SDLC and re-defining requirements, conducting compressed mini-RUP, globally sourcing effort needed, and got product re-designed, developed, tested, hosted, launched in 11 weeks from start.
      • Compressed ‘mini-RUP’ used extensive use case maps for process flows to convey high level requirements with ease.  
      • No complex tools were purchased other than Visio:  Entire solution was open source, including all tools and deployment architecture (LAMP stack).
  • Setup Merger PMO, Cloud Migration, & Basic CIO – IT “Block & Tackle”

    • Migrated 150-employee company to cloud-based application and file storage services, help desk services, and developed plan to complete cloud migration following bandwidth augmentation:
      • Migration to cloud services alleviated additional IT staffing costs of 2 FTEs for this small firm.
      • Quadrupled internet bandwidth while saving annualized 56% of telecom spend. 

Early Childhood Intervention IT Support Recommendation for Jessica

  • Internet Startup Launch

    • Drove internet start-up to launch on-time and on-budget, successfully developing and launching two brands and offerings in 12 months, while identifying and acquiring two target companies, designing solutions to address needs of a shallow, wide marketplace; sold initial large adopters during worst recession in 30 years, pivoted company for revenue model, and put startup on track for break-even in an another 6 months.
Recommendations for Leading Internet Startup for Jessica

Changing the GameHow Do You Leverage Technology?

Does Technology Help Your Business Compete, Drive Profits, Acquire More Customers?

So, if you’re a business leader who wants to better leverage IT for competitive advantage or if you need some practical how-to steps to get IT working better for you, this blog may be helpful by illustrating ways to leverage IT spend better.  And it’s important:  Given that IT is a competitive differentiator for most companies, it’s essential to get smart about IT.  Get it right or you may not be able to compete as well — if not today, then tomorrow.

The world is changing rapidly now from several disruptive technologies, the flattening of the globe, and the consumerization of technology. Hence, the need to stay up on technologies available – and how to leverage them – is essential to up your game, drive your top line, and get more out of your IT investments – such as aligning IT to the business.

You can read more about me here or a larger list of accomplishments of leveraging tech as part of business success strategies here.

I look forward to hearing your comments and other feedback — and if you like the posts, please share them ….

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